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My Happy Place in the Bush: Laikipia

Our House on Kamogi ranch, is situated on the Laikipia plains of Northern Kenya. A vast space of beauty, populated by an abundance of wild life and the very beautiful and decorative Samburu tribe.

We love to ride and being in such close proximity to all the animals from a horse is so thrilling. In the evenings we go for a game drive and watch the sunset as we sip our sundowners. Life is quiet and still, a peaceful retreat from Nairobi’s chaos. The flora is beautiful and a quiet bush walk discovers the smaller creatures close to the eye on foot.

My favourite spots in Laikipia: Loisaba:

For the fantastic view!


For the best organic, authentic safari with the whole family

Mugie House Governors:

The camp has just been revamped by talented Chris Payne:

Borana Conservancy:


If you are keen on riding, this is the place!

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