• Charlotte

Lamu: The island that time forgot

Our house on the Island of Lamu is a haven of peace and beauty on the Indian Ocean. Lamu still lives in another era, untouched by pollution or the noise of cars, donkeys are the transportation method in this Arabic town, which has almost stood still in time.

All the family gathers here for our annual Christmas celebrations, a tradition we started 10 years ago, where the boys relax and catch up on each other’s lives. There is quite a social scene to be found in Lamu with many interesting characters!

My hidden treasures:

Peponi Hotel -

Enjoy a sundowner or drink after relaxing on the beach - A classic Old Pall is "derigueur". Or, a fantastic full moon dinner on the rooftop which can last for hours....

Diamond Beach Village -

Delicious pizza and a beautiful sundowner spot, facing the idyllic beaches of Shela. Friday movies with pizza joined up with the friendly local community.

The Majlis Resorts -

The Majlis Resort on Manda offers all the water sports; kite surfing, water-skiing and good old classic windsurfing. After the exertions, relax with a drink by the pool bar and take in the beautiful lights of Shela during dinner.

For more beauty and adventure a two hour boat ride takes you to the breathtaking island of Kiwayu, straight to Mike’s Camp. The beaches are white, beautiful and so clean. Dolphins are spotted in the early morning from this charming Camp in all it’s simplicity. To wash off the sea salt, stand under your charming safari bucket shower looking on to the ocean. Slip into a cotton kaftan or kikoy and walk barefoot to a dinner of lobster or crab straight out of the Sea.

Lamu town, a bit further down from Shela is bustling with colour and exciting markets and a museum, gifting wonderful history about trade routes in the Indian ocean. The fabulous designer and interior decorator Sandy Bonman has a myriad of colours in her elegant shop Amani Shela. Beautiful fabrics from India made into lovely dresses and kaftans (perfect for Lamu evenings or a stroll at the beach), and stylish artefacts for your home - items sourced from all over Africa.