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Behind The Label

Meet The Team






Dorothee and Theresia





David and Dorothée have been by my side for 12 years, joined by Paul 6 years ago, then Moses, Theresia and finally Jacob.

This is the team Behind Bush Princess.

With Dorothee and Paul we work on prototypes and patterns, David is the one who cuts all your bags by hand sometimes with the help of Paul, the girls are on the machins stitching your bags and finally Jacob who takes care of the finishing touches.

Moses is the dress maker, he makes the patterns and then stitch.

The Maasai Team

Bush Princess is also making bead work on our  bags and shoulder straps. These superb pieces are made by our team of Maasai women. They are as independent as they are gifted, the only motto I give them: "let your creativity flow".

So, each of every beaded item is unique.


Behind the brass and all our little buckles is Leonard who works in his little workshop in Kibera, from there he makes an incredible quantity of pieces with recycled brass.

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