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Our story

Where it all began...

Originally from Sweden, I've lived all over Europe, driven by the fashion world. In 2007, together with my husband, the desire to change our lives led us to move to Kenya with our children. We had fallen in love with this country a few years earlier.

That's when the Bush Princess adventure started. I wanted to create a brand that was like me, mixing the elegance of European fashion with the colours and materials of Africa. 

The challenge was to have a 100% local and responsible production, a real challenge in this region of the world.

Exchange, our driving force to bring you the best of our craftsmanship.

In this ethical process, I met Gladys, a surprising Maasai woman. Very quickly, complicity and trust were established. From thereafter, Gladys and her Maasai friends brought to my creations a unique and colourful touch thanks to their bead work.

Our collaboration has been going on since the start of Bush Princess.  Over the years I have come to realize how much this work is for them and their daughters a real hope for a better future. Often married and circumcised from a very young age, their only way to escape their destiny is education.

We have therefore set up a system of employee savings to finance their daughters' education and thus give them a chance to choose their future.

Reinventing ourselves every day to bring you the most beautiful quality in the respect of human beings and our planet.

Working in a fair and reasoned way has always been very important to me. It's what Bush Princess is all about. All of our raw materials come from Kenya and are processed locally. For several years now, the brass used has been made from recycled material. It is made in Kibera, a poor district of Nairobi.  I am constantly looking for ways to improve the sourcing and production process to make it more environmentally friendly and socially ethical.

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